UTEC Mission statement
UTEC Mission statement

Sharp MFP Shorts: OPGuide

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Have you invested in cyber-security?  Do you think this is something that only affects large corporations?

What are you doing to protect your business from cyber security breaches and attacks?


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October’s Celebrated Customer

As a local company in Ann Arbor, we understand the value of working within the community. Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor saw that value as well. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to meet with A4 (Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor) and discuss some of the concerns they had with their (now) previous vendor.
This past summer A4 transitioned over to UTEC and brought projects that were once being outsourced, in house to gain security and control of the materials they are producing. They were also able to reduce their bottom line.
One of the features that sets Sharp apart from other manufactures is their ability to print full bleed booklets on 11×17 paper. A4 can now print professional booklets on demand and can focus on growth of their organization.